Logs and Lumber Sawworks

    Our base rate is $60 per hour; this is the rate we charge per hour for operating the mill.   When we take the mill on the road, there is a $20 fee and a 2 hour minimum for those within 30 miles of our headquarters near York, Nebraska.  Beyond the 30 mile limit, we charge $.40/mile round trip, with a 6 hour minimum.  Obviously, there is a little flex in this.  

    Unlike most other sawmills, we never charge a setup fee.

    We offer a discount of 10% for schools and churches.  We also offer a 10% for the hosts of "sawing parties" (providing a central location where several people can bring logs to be sawn in order to make the minimum number of hours, or just as a social event).

    There is a $15 charge for blade broken due to foreign objects in the log.  No charge for the first nail hit in a log, but beyond that there will be a charge depending on damage done to the blade.

Trades:  We may consider some trades, depending on what you've got of course!  
    Right now, we would consider trades for Boer or Spanish goats and possibly sheep.  They'd have a wonderful future as part of our expanding log-lot maintainance crew!  (Ever tried mowing and keeping weeds down in and around a brushpile?  Goats and sheep are easier and faster than mowing.)
    We might also be interested in trading for a miniature horse for stud, and female burros (for a possible Gov't contract).